Spigot Plugins



  • Nearly everything is customizable.
  • Only one report per person is allowed to reduce spam.
  • If one page is full (36 players) you can click on the new appeared book in the bottom right corner to go to the next page.
  • The paper in the bottom left corner only appears if you have a specific permission.
  • The GUI supports up to 396 online players right now.
  • Commands and Permissions:

  • /report - To open the GUI to report someone or to view the current reports if you have the permission rpcmd.see
  • /rpcmd - To disable or enable new reports for yourself if you have the permission rpcmd.see
  • /rpcmd reload - To reload the plugin configuration if you have the permission rpcmd.reload
  • The rpcmd.see permission is for admins and also lets you see the current reports in the GUI.
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  • Supported languages: English, German
  • Furnaces or Chests get automatically locked upon placement.
  • You can add or remove players to an existing protection.
  • Commands and Permissions:

  • /lock / unlock - To lock/unlock a block.
  • /lock add / lock remove - To add or remove a player to an existing protection.
  • /lock override - To give another player the protection you're looking onto with the permission lcmd.override (Admin)
  • /lcmd - You can see a simple command help with the permission lcmd.help
  • If you want to look in every chest even if its not your own use the permission lcmd.bypass
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